What you need to know if an earthquake happens and you live or work in a high rise building


Our beautiful region can be a little wild, with floods, earthquakes, tsunami and landslides among the potential hazards which can cause a major emergency. The impact of these hazards may include damage to our buildings, transport and communication infrastructure, as well as risk to the safety of people, property and animals. 

People who live or work in high rise buildings face unique challenges during an earthquake. Many high rise buildings are located in the Wellington CBD or in areas that are vulnerable to multiple hazards which may result in you needing to make a quick decision about evacuating. Even if the surrounding location is safe, prolonged loss of utilities (power, gas, water) or unsafe buildings nearby may mean you need to leave for an extended period of time.  

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Before an Earthquake

During an Earthquake

After an Earthquake

Community Emergency Hubs

What is a Community Emergency Hub? 

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A Community Emergency Hub is a place for the community to gather and support each other by sharing information, skills and resources during a disaster, such as a major earthquake.    

A Hub is opened and run by the community. There will be no official assistance available at the Hub.

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