Neighbours at a BBQ

Get to know your neighbours before an emergency 

Just knowing your neighbours can make you more prepared for an emergency. If you could get to know your neighbours better, then why not get involved in Neighbours Day events in your area? 

It’s good to know your neighbours and have a contact number for them if you need someone to check on your property or feed your cat if you can’t get home. But in an emergency, the people you live nearest can suddenly become your most immediate source of support.

Knowing your neighbours and having a quick conversation about how you could help each other out in an emergency, such as sharing resources like a gas BBQ, is an easy way to be more prepared. Read more about connecting with your neighbours

Neighbours Day Aotearoa 2022 will run from the 18 to 27 of March.

 It’s a great chance to connect with your neighbours, or to celebrate the amazing things you’ve been doing in your neighbourhood. There are so many different ways to get to know your neighbours! Whether you’re keen to attend an event, host an event, or you’re an organisation wanting to encourage people to participate, check out the Neighbours Day Aotearoa website.

Visit the Neighbours Day Aotearoa website 

During Neighbours Day celebrations your local WREMO advisors will be out and about engaging with communities around the Wellington Region and running events where you can learn how you can be more prepared as a community and meet your neighbours while enjoying a free BBQ.

Check out our calendar of events or book us to come along to your next community group meeting.

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