Wahine 50 'P.S. Are you prepared' expo 

We will be part of the display at Shed 6 on Tuesday 10 April, 11:30 am – 4:30 pm.

Come and visit to learn more about how you can get prepared!

As the 50th anniversary and commemorations for the Wahine Disaster approaches we take this time to reflect on the community spirit that has always drawn us to help one another when faced with adversity. The residents of Seatoun and Eastbourne rallied together to assist anyone they could reach during the storm. They identified there was a need and supported the efforts of emergency services by simply being a helping hand. 

This idea of people helping people is the foundation of community resilience in our Wellington region.

Community Hub Exercises

Join us on Wednesday 11 April, 6.30 - 8.30 pm for our exercises that will be hosted by both our Eastbourne and Seatoun Community Emergency Hub locations.  Join us at either location and learn how you can help your community in an emergency.

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 “Upon reaching the beach the local residents had gathered and we were taken in charge by a young couple and after giving the Police our names and addresses they allowed the young couple to take us off to their home.... The young couple looked after us very well indeed and we are of course most grateful for their help.”

This is part of a letter dated 27th April 1968 that Wahine passenger survivor Gerald Goodenough of Christchurch wrote to his son Clive, describing his ordeal and that of his wife Vida (Clive's mother).
The content of the letter as reproduced is acknowledged to Clive Goodenough and is his copyright. 

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An elderly survivor of the Wahine disaster being provided support.