Community Emergency Hubs


Know where to find your local Community Emergency Hub

In a disaster such as a big earthquake, there is likely to be widespread damage to power lines, water pipes, buildings, roads, and phone networks. 

Ask for and offer help3

Emergency services will be dealing with the most urgent matters, so the people you live nearest to will be your most immediate and ongoing source of support. 

If a disaster meant the phone networks were down, do you know where to go to ask for and offer help?

As we saw in the Canterbury earthquakes and other disasters around the world, communities naturally come together to help those in need. 

After you have checked on your household and neighbours, you can go to your local Community Emergency Hub. It's a place where people in your neighbourhood can support each other and work out what to do next. 

Your Community Emergency Hub is opened and run by people like you, using the skills and resources that you already have – together, we can get through a disaster.

If you already know where to find your local Hub, read more about how it works

Find your nearest Community Emergency Hub 

Be more prepared for an emergency by finding your nearest Community Emergency Hub using the map or area lists below. 

Map of Community Emergency Hubs in the Wellington Region

List of Community Emergency Hubs by area

Click on the link below to find the list of Community Emergency Hubs for your area:


How does a Community Emergency Hub work?

When is a Community Emergency Hub needed, and what will you find when you get there?
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Get involved for your area

WREMO works with communities across the region to plan and practise how to respond in a disaster.

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