Imagine that a large earthquake has struck the Wellington Region. You've made it home and checked on your family and neighbours. What do you do next?

Community emergency hubs - clean-up

WREMO's Emergency Management Advisors hold events around the region to provide practical guidance on how your community can organise a response to a disaster. 

Calendar of events

Community Emergency Hub events

In an Earthquake Drill, you will use a real-time earthquake scenario to practise how you can respond as a community by sharing information, skills and resources.

In an Earthquake Planning Workshop, residents and businesses get together to make a plan and identify the potential resources in your local area that could be useful in a disaster.

Your role in an emergency

Everyone has something to offer, and your skills and experience will prove invaluable to your community's response to a disaster.

Following events both in New Zealand and around the world, eight roles have been identified that make the coordination of an emergency response happen more quickly and more effectively. At the Community Emergency Hub, you'll find the roles needed to coordinate an emergency response. 

Take our quiz to find out which Community Emergency Hub role is best for you

Take our quiz to find out which Community Emergency Hub role is best for you

You can read more about each of the roles by clicking the links below:

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Watch a video interview

WREMO's Community Resilience Team Leader, Scott Dray, talks about the Community Emergency Hub initiative.

*Video produced by Greater Wellington Regional Council.