Create a business continuity plan

A business continuity plan identifies how your organisation can keep its essential functions up and running during a time of disruption.
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Attend a business continuity planning workshop

WREMO is facilitating free workshops across the region to help businesses learn about the basics of continuity planning, and provide easy to use tools to get started on a customised plan that meets your needs. 
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View your school's emergency plan

We work with the schools in our region to ensure their plans are appropriate and are regularly practiced.
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Attend a school's emergency planning workshop

WREMO is holding workshops for schools and early childhood education centres on what is needed in your emergency plan. These workshops also provide an opportunity for attendees to to share challenges and solutions.
Schools and early childhood education centres


Classes and workshops we offer

If you can get a group together we can come to your organisation and talk on emergency planning and preparedness. 
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Alternatively you can attend one of our regular classes around the region
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See our calendar of events

Keep up to date about the emergency planning and preparedness workshops around the region
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