Would you like to make sure that your facility’s emergency planning is comprehensive, practical and easy to share with the people who will be putting it into action?

Often when we engage with Retirement Villages, Aged and Residential Care Facilities, similar questions and challenges come up around emergency planning. We also hear of facilities with great solutions to the common challenges you face. WREMO are hosting a number of facilitated workshops around the region as an opportunity for you to share ideas on these common issues and challenges which will enable you to create more robust emergency plans.   

This workshop is an opportunity to:

  • understand the importance of preparedness - for your staff, and your facility
  • clarify expectations of staff and management in an event
  • refine your emergency procedures in line with good practice
  • understand the challenges that your facilities face in the longer term after a disaster - including business continuity and the wellbeing of staff and residents
  • network with other similar facilities to share your concerns and solutions.

We will provide you with:

  • a PowerPoint presentation that you can deliver to your staff about their own preparedness at home and at work
  • a PowerPoint template for you to complete with your facility details and then deliver to your staff and residents about your emergency procedures as part of their health & safety induction
  • and a PowerPoint that you can deliver to your independent residents to make sure they understand how they need to prepare and how you will assist them.

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Business continuity planning workshops

WREMO also offer business continuity planning workshops for small business and non-government organisations. 
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