Volunteer in your community

Community members and volunteer organisations play a vital role in your community’s preparation for, response to, and recovery from an emergency. Whatever organisation you volunteer for, or even if you just show up to help occasionally, you can promote preparedness and increase the resilience of the Wellington region. We’d love to see you and your community group at any of our community preparedness events.

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Communities that work together do better in emergencies, and the connections that you make through volunteering help build stronger communities. Here are some of our partners that you could volunteer with:

For more information about volunteer opportunities in your area:

WREMO volunteers

Our councils may need extra capacity to help those affected by a disaster in our official Emergency Assistance Centres.

Volunteers may be asked to help with any of the functions of an Emergency Assistance Centre, and tasks could include:

  • reception
  • data entry
  • catering
  • cleaning
  • helping with radios
  • sorting donated goods
  • security
  • child care
  • vehicle marshalling

How do I become a WREMO volunteer?

The first step is to attend WREMO's course on preparing to help your community.

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At the completion of the course, if you then wish to become a volunteer for helping in Emergency Assistance Centres or possibly even our councils’ Emergency Operations Centres, then you will need to pass a police check and meet with us.